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Let yourself be carried away by the essence of Priorat wine. Enjoy a selection of its best wines in our cellar or our lounges and accompany it with simple homemade hot dishes, top quality cheeses, and local charcuteries.

Our Wine Cellar

A place where you can relax and enjoy the wine experience without haste, learning about its roots and the history of Priorat through the nuances of its wonderful wines in a rustic and sophisticated atmosphere.

Knowledge of wines is enriching – both for our personal enjoyment in the restaurant or the privacy of our homes, and to the improvement our relationships. Tasting a wine allows us to enjoy it in all its breadth, an appreciation of the nuances of colors, tastes and aromas. The D.O.Q. PRIORAT has gained merited prestige with the international recognition of its wines. But above all, the proven high oenological quality of the area has attracted many people, both from the vinicultural sector and from abroad: all eager not to miss the opportunity to taste and to produce top-class wines. The exceptional land (natural environment, landscape, culture and traditional cuisine), the quality of the wine and people of the Priorat are in themselves all an excellent pretext for visiting the region.

Our Restaurant

Here we serve recipes gathered from the knowledge of the people of all the towns in the region, representing the Catalan cuisine and their customs throughout the last decades.

The authentic taste comes from family recipes and from fresh, simple and tasteful ingredients. Enjoy our simple and home made dishes, that share the Priorat culture and reflects the depth, richness and vibrancy of the region´s diverse culinary traditions in a modern, casual setting. To create a unique and exciting dining experience, you can pair the flavors of our food with the best selection of fine wines, celebrating life’s simple pleasures in a lovely location.

Dinner service must be reserved by 5:00 p.m.