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Visit a Winery

Discover the Priorat through its most prestigious wineries and experience the diverse variety of perspectives and techniques employed in making its wines.

The weather, the terrain and the soil (slate) determine each year the quality and nuances of the wines produced in this region. Because of this, the wines from this area have a unique personality recognized by connoisseurs around the world.

We work directly with a large number of Priorat wineries, especially with the most renowned in the area, in order to offer different alternatives to the client who stays at the hotel. Do not hesitate to contact us to book a visit to the winery or for any questions you may have. Reservation upon availability.

Book a Restaurant

At Ora hotel restaurant you can enjoy a dinner service with an excellent selection of local charcuteries, a plate of acorn-fed iberian ham or traditional and seasonal hot dishes paired with the best Priorat wines. ( Book before 5 p.m )

We also work with the best restaurants in Priorat, which offer different gastronomic alternatives using top quality locally sourced products. with the sole objective that the end result is a unique sensory experience for our customers.

Do not hesitate to contact us to book a restaurant or for any questions you may have. Reservation upon availability.

4 Prawns On A Plate
View of the vineyards

Nature & Relaxation

Torroja de Priorat, with an area of ​​13.05 km², is crossed by the Siurana river. There are also various ravines, fountains and wells that provide water for the life of the town.

It is a fairly rugged territory made up of slates suitable for growing vines, surrounded by valleys of vineyards and olive trees where you can fully enjoy nature.

An ideal place from getting lost among its countless trails for hiking or its endless roads where you can spend a day cycling.

We promote sustainable tourism and we have different alternatives to connect yourself with nature along the nooks and paths that surround our town.